About Jesse

The only child of James and Jacqueline Lonergan, Jesse Lonergan was born in Carmichael, California in 1979 and raised in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Vermont Republic.  As a child he liked to draw, play baseball, and watch Star Wars. As an adult he likes to draw, discuss the modern human condition, and listen to music which features basic rock strong structures, punk influences, a subtle use of vocal harmony, and major key tonality. And watch Star Wars. His first book, Flower and Fade, published by NBM Comicslit in 2007, was greeted with critical disinterest. His second, Joe and Azat, which was based on his experiences as a Peace Corps volunteer in Turkmenistan, was published by the same publisher in 2009. All Star, his most recent work, came out this year.

twitter: @jesse_lonergan
tumblr: jesselonergan.tumblr.com
email: jesselonergan(at)gmail(dot)com