About Me

My full name is Jesse Colin Lonergan.
I can be contacted at jesselonergan@gmail.com

I was born on _____(day/month/date).

I am a _____ citizen and this makes me feel _____.
I have these books which can be purchased.
My star sign is Pisces.

I am saving up for _____ because _____.

My home is in Massachusetts and I have lived here for five years.

My friends are _____ (names and descriptions).

I love people who _____ (take risks / tell funny stories, etc.).

My favorite activity/activities include _____ and I love to do this because _____.

My first crush on someone was _____ because _____ and it happened when _____ because _____ .

The first concert event I ever went to was Willie Nelson at the _____ (place) and I went with my mom.
My favorite color is blue because it reminds me of blue.

I love to say _____ and my most over-used saying is probably _____.

My favorite meal involves _____ and my favorite snack food is _____.

My destiny is _____.