Sunday, December 14, 2008

The City By The Sea

My goal was to finish the second to last chapter of my Turkmenistan book before I went to California for Christmas. I'm one page away, but you would not believe how little interest I have in sitting down and drawing that last page. This Turkmenistan book feels like it's been dragging on forever, and sometimes it feels like it's never going to get done. I was looking through some old sketchbooks and I am amazed at how much drawing I have done for this book. I've been drawing stuff for this book for about a year and half and at the moment I'm just sick of it. I'm sick of the same characters every day. I'm sick of the story. I'm sick of the conflict, the themes, the subtext, all of it.

As a result, when I am working on something else I want to avoid all those things that are bogging me down on the big book. No characters. No story. No reality. Just drawing. Straight ideas.

I'm leaving for California in eight days. I have my doubts as to whether I'll finish that last page of the chapter.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


So today I'm posting from Boston, which is about five hours South from where I normally post from. It also has a lot more people then where I normally post from. I must say it's nice to get out. It's a somewhat monastic existence up there in the frozen North. That being said it seems vitally important that while I am in the old metropolis I enjoy myself and spend as little time as possible looking at a computer screen. Adios.