Things My Students Have Taught Me 1

When my last book came out I was worried about what kind of reviews it would get. I dreaded reading reviews that would just tear it apart. When the reviews finally came there weren't very many negative ones. After reading the first one I suddenly realized, that of course the reviews were not going to be as bad as I had imagined they could be. Nobody was going to read my book as closely as I had. No one was going to think about it as much as I had. Knowing that, all the reviews became easier to take, even the negative ones.

Anyway, the reviews haven't started to come in just yet for my new book, but I have gotten a negative review of the blurb on a blog. Check it out. At least my book's at the top of the page. And thanks to whoever it was in Greece who connected to my blog from that blog.

And of course, check out my publisher's blog for my weekly bit about the making of my Turkmenistan book.