Recent News

It's been awhile since I posted. The main reason for that is that my scanner and computer have decided that they are not on speaking terms. Which means no new images are going into my computer and therefore no new comics to post.

Hopefully, this will be fixed soon.

In other news, Joe and Azat recently got a review that was mostly positive (mostly). Thanks to Cathy at the Boston Comics Roundtable for finding this for me.

And speaking of the Boston Comics Roundtable, Inbound 4 will be coming out in December. This issue's theme is Boston history and there is a comic by me in it (first page up above)(though Inbound 4 will be black and white). The BCR was also recently featured on WBUR talking about the upcoming book. My name even gets mentioned and you can also hear a radio play version of one of the comics from the book (by the same Cathy who found the review)(and a whole bunch of others).

And the Boston Comic Con was this weekend and was awesome. I sold some books, some minis and a few prints. Thanks to everybody from the BCR who was there and all the people who stopped by.

And thanks to Ben and Amelia for having an awesome party down in JP on Saturday night.

And thanks to Kevin for coming along and getting me onto the dance floor.

And this is my new favorite song. Though I can't say I'm impressed with the video.


VsTheBadGuys said…
looking forward to renewed talks as well as the rest of this story!