The Lure of Superheroes

Every now and then I get the desire to draw a superhero comic. Most of the time I don't really have any sort of idea for a story. I just feel like drawing big guys with big muscles fighting zombies, monsters, dinosaurs or other big guys with big muscles.

My friend Kevin was in Boston for the Comicon a few weeks back and he caught the superhero bug, too. So we spent the weekend talking about our superhero The Arm. He's inspired by Matthias Schlitte who we had talked about earlier in the weekend. The premise for the story is that Lefty Armstrong is a janitor for some sort of evil chemical company. The greedy owner of the evil chemical company has skimped on the vats and one night a vat or two blows. Numerous people including the greedy owner are submerged under the toxic liquid. The janitor reaches into save the greedy owner only to find that upon contact the chemicals cause mutation. So the janitor's arm suddenly turns into this monster arm. Meanwhile, all the people who were fully submerged have become full on rage filled bloodthirsty monsters (the greedy owner becoming the biggest and meanest monster of all). The janitor and his arm must defeat all the monsters and also prevent the chemical spill from reaching the river that flows into the city.

Because if those chemicals got to the city who knows what would happen.


In other news...

I've been a little bit delinquent in posting on NBM's blog, but starting today I'm going to be back at it. So you'll be able to stop by there and read more stuff about my new book Joe and Azat.

And this song has been stuck in my head for days.