Burmese Days

A number of people have asked if I'm planning to do a graphic novel about Burma. I don't think two weeks is enough time to do a place justice, so I'd be hesitant because of that. I'd also be hesitant because there is already a pretty good graphic novel about Burma: Guy Delisle's Burma Chronicles. I recommend it (and all his other books).


Viola said…
haha, I love that comic! I just can't imagine such a trip!
But it looks like you got a good taste of
Burma anyways!
What are you doing now?
I am freezing in Vermont...
Jesse Lonergan said…
Yeah, it was a pretty quick trip. Hopefully, I'll get to go again and see a little bit more of the country. I heard about a bowling alley in Yangon that I'd like to check out.

But for now I'm in Boston teaching English and freezing as well.