The Dailies

I've gotten some comments about the dailies recently, things along the lines of, "damn, you're bumming, dude." Looking over them myself I kind of get the same impression. So for the record, I am not always procrastinating, drinking myself to oblivion or kicking myself for not drawing. I do draw. Regularly. The thing is that a day of sitting at a drawing board isn't so interesting outside of itself. A comic about a guy sitting at his desk moving a pencil or brush across a piece of paper for twelve hours sounds pretty boring to me. Failure is much more interesting.

Or maybe I'm wrong. I don't know.

Anyway, last week I inked twenty-four pages, five a day until Friday when I took it easy, did four, and then went to the bar.

And I love this letter that a pixar guy wrote that my friend Kevin saw and then sent to me after reading my daily comics because he thought I might need cheering up.

And I love this little bit of awesomeness.

And I heard this song this morning, and I got a feeling way down deep inside, oh lord, that it's going to be stuck in my head all day.