Jane Eleven

Way way way back when I lived in Chicago, I had this idea for a character called Jane Eleven. This was around the time of the first Bourne movie. Jane Eleven was going to be a super badass international problem solver. Only she'd be associated with some super secret international firm that hired it's agents out to whoever needed them. One day it might be a little espionage, another a little protection, maybe a little assassination, maybe some jewel thievery. All of their male agents were named John plus an identifying number. All of the female agents Jane. Jane Eleven was the best of the best.

I never got around to drawing or even writing anything.

But the name has kicked around in my head ever since.

And I ended up using the character name in this rock and roll comic I did a short while back.

Ever since, I just find myself drawing Jane Eleven. Sometimes dressed up as other superheroes. Sometimes with a badass car. Sometimes listening to headphones on the Red Line. Sometimes with nunchucks in her own badass mod superhero costume..