I've been experiencing a little bit of pain and stiffness in my left arm recently. It kind of feels like someone punched me in the bicep. I think it's because I spend so long sitting drawing, and basically all during that time my left arm just sits there doing nothing. It's stiff from lack of use. There's rust in my cartilage. 

The obvious solution is to start drawing left handed.

And though it is clear that I don't have anywhere near the amount of control with my left hand that I do with my right, in some ways I actually think with my left there is more expression in the line.


VsTheBadGuys said…

Your left-hand-drawings are so lovely!
Jessica Day said…
Whoa, I love your left handed drawings!
Jesse Lonergan said…
Thanks, Jessica! I've been having fun doing them, and I'll be doing a post with more soon.