Suppose you're thinking about a plate of shrimp.

So, I am lucky enough to have these two rather fantastic pieces of art on my wall, but unfortunately for them, they are in the possession of a person (me) who is incredibly slow at getting around to doing certain activities. There are people out there who when given a work of art, waste no time in getting themselves to the nearest framery and getting a frame of the appropriate size. Sadly, I am not an individual who can be described as such. But does this mean that I care any less for my works of art? In the grand scheme am I a lesser being? Do you think you are better than me because you have a picture frame? Do you think your frame is going to keep you warm when you're old and lonely because you didn't make any friends because you were too busy running around by frames all your life?

Anyway, the tough guy is by Anthony Sorge, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the Paint and Pixel Festival in the happy hamlet of Northampton, Massachusetts. We conversed. We chuckled and chortled. We consumed a vegetarian meal. He has given the world the awesome comic Crust Dog, which if you have somehow managed to miss it can be picked up here. The dancer is a self portrait by Kelly Young, who I've only met on the internet, but she was still cool enough to send me her DVD of Phantom of the Paradise, which if you haven't seen I highly recommend. You may have found yourself thinking lately, "Where have all the cool movies gone?" But if you had seen this film, you would not be asking yourself this question because you would have a very clear and definite answer in your mind. Also, I'm pretty sure Phantom of the Paradise is where George Lucas got all of his ideas for Star Wars.

Also, you should also pick up Pansy Boy by Jose Luis Olivares. His artistic style is on that I think would best be described as being "right on and right there." It makes me jealous. Looking at his drawings makes me feel that not only am I lacking in frame buying ability, but I also am somewhat uptight while sitting at the drawing board.

But do not worry, tears are not rolling down my face. This is a fairly large world filled with sweetness and light, and all of us blessed with talents with which we can individually do our part to brighten the corners.

And speaking of brightening the corners, I was interviewed by Geeks OUT and Bleeding Cool. You may be asking yourself, "How does an interview with him brighten any corners?" To which I say, "Go buy a frame!"

Also, an Etsy store where you can purchase mini-comics of mine online, saving you the hassle of having to hunt me down on the streets of Somerville, Massachusetts. You can acquire the first two chapters of my next big book, which is called All Star, and while I am always hesitant to toot any of my horns, there is this review by Ryan Anderson that is on a rather positive note.

And this is a picture of Kurt Cobain fighting a monster that I drew with my left hand.


Anonymous said…
Oh hey, you did get that picture I sent! I'm glad you enjoy it, I've got Dancing Winslow on my wall as well (and I am also too me to get a picture frame).

Hope you're doing well!

Jesse Lonergan said…
Yeah! Sorry I was so terrible about getting back to you! It's awesome! I love it! It's gonna be on my wall forever!