Art Show!

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Monday, March 11th (a.k.a. next Monday) I'm having an art show at Tremont 647 in the South End of Boston (everyone's invited)(six to eight p.m.)(free appetizers)(it's also the day after my birthday)(no present or card required). Naturally, there are going to be some dancers on display, but there's only so much wall space, and I can only afford so many frames, so most of the dancers are going to have to stay home.

My babies.

Course there will be non-dancer stuff on the walls as well.

My other babies.


ETCIllustration said…
A friend of mine once displayed 100 drawings as one installation:

Maybe worth considering?
Jesse Lonergan said…
Definitely worth considering! I really like the clothesline technique. I'll have to do some pricing on clamps, but also I'm a little worried with these being a bar/restaurant, having things easily pluckable might not be wise. But then again, the dancers would just be sitting at home otherwise.