This is 2014.

14 Resolutions:

More dancing.
More drawing.
More lying in bed listening to albums in their entirety.
More Talking Heads.
More snuggling with my baby.
More French movies.
More adventures in the kitchen.
More walks.
More communication with the people who matter.
More moving.
More ugly t-shirts.
More nostalgia.
More puns.
More tacos.

And here are some of the drawings I did during this first week of 2014.

David Bowies for Lauren on her birthday: 

The greatest rock and roll band in the whole wide world, THE SEX SEX. Coming soon in bloggish format.

Quickie cover drawings for All Star Chapters, which I guess will be coming out through Comixology pretty soon. I'm not sure of the details.

And a gila woodpecker which will appear in Vengeance.