MoCCA Report

Well, another MoCCA has come and gone, and I can't help but think about how different this one was from my first. It was still in the Puck Building and I was just back from Peace Corps. I didn't know anybody. I was sitting behind a book that I had actually finished before I joined before the Peace Corps (a book that may have made me join the Peace Corps). I hadn't even looked at it since it had been finished. On the way down to NYC I reread it just so I would know what it was about (special torture!).

And now, it's book number three, and I remember this conversation I had with my friend Kevin when I was twenty-five, saying, "I'll only do four books." Book number four coming up...

Anyway, it was a good show, I got to eat some eats and drink some drinks with old friends and new, meet some people I feel painfully fanboyish around, and got a sweet pile of comics to read.

The Sweet Pile of Comics:

Nathan Fox:

Nick Abadzis: