Cross Country Comics

Way way back back when I was twenty-four, I wanted to be the Jack Kerouac of comics, and I had this idea of drawing comics all across the country. I stop in a place for a little bit, draw a comic, and then move on. A series of comics written on the road. I was serious. I even wrote emails to a number of my friends living across the country proposing that me put me up during this artistic adventure.

But I never did it. I felt like I needed my space: my drawing board, my lamp, my giant pieces of bristol, my precious brushes and pens. There was all this gear that I just couldn't go lugging around. Comics tend to make you sedentary. Hence the cartoonist physique.

However, now, ten years later, I find myself kind of doing the cross country comics thing. I've been working on this race car comic for the last couple of months in my sketchbook. It's small and portable, and I've taken it with me. I've drawn pages in my home Boston, Toronto, Maine, Chicago, Sacramento, Phoenix, and on the flights in between.

I don't know what Jack Kerouac would thing of this silly race car comic, but I'm having a great time.