Monday, April 28, 2014

Ringing in My Ears

So when you do a book, and it gets published, that means it gets reviewed, which is kind of a awesome and kind of terrifying at the same time. A book is a baby sweated out over years, and to see it summed up in a few paragraphs, even when it's a positive few paragraphs, is a little rough. I've never gotten a review as terrible as the one's I've imagined. No one has called me a professional bedwetter. Yet. And my anxieties aside, it's flattering to have people read my work and take the time to think it over and put a few words down about it.

And so, here are some reviews of All Star.

This one contains an interview with me as well:

Thanks to all the reviewers!

And here are a few sketchbook pages from the last week:

Monday, April 7, 2014

MoCCA Report

Well, another MoCCA has come and gone, and I can't help but think about how different this one was from my first. It was still in the Puck Building and I was just back from Peace Corps. I didn't know anybody. I was sitting behind a book that I had actually finished before I joined before the Peace Corps (a book that may have made me join the Peace Corps). I hadn't even looked at it since it had been finished. On the way down to NYC I reread it just so I would know what it was about (special torture!).

And now, it's book number three, and I remember this conversation I had with my friend Kevin when I was twenty-five, saying, "I'll only do four books." Book number four coming up...

Anyway, it was a good show, I got to eat some eats and drink some drinks with old friends and new, meet some people I feel painfully fanboyish around, and got a sweet pile of comics to read.

The Sweet Pile of Comics:

Nathan Fox:

Nick Abadzis:

Thursday, April 3, 2014

(a grande half calf sugar free white) MoCCA! (soy cappucino)

Hey! This weekend it is MoCCA, and I'll be there signing copies of All Star at the NBM table. You should come along. I've been working on drawing baseball cards on the title page. Ooooh.