Taking that Ride to Nowhere

I draw a lot, but most of the time when I'm drawing there is a lot of intention in it. I'm doing sketches for a page. I'm doing character design. I'm trying to figure out how to get it so a giant who has been shot by some sort of bazooka looks right while he's falling. I hesitate to say that doing such things is serious, but it's not really playing when I'm putting the lines on paper. I have purpose. It's very adult.

And what's really sad, is that when I sit down with a piece of paper to draw with no intention whatsoever, it's a struggle. Taking a walk with a line and just seeing where it goes has become particularly difficult. I spend so much of the time knowing where the line is going, and it's just hard to let go.

But I'd like to.

I've worked hard to get whatever skill and style I have, but sometimes it feels a little bit like I'm trapped by them.