The Vinyl Inspector

My original intention with this comic was to pick up with Kyle, a character from my first graphic novel Flower & Fade, ten years after the events in that story. This idea came from watching Truffault's Love On The Run (the fifth Antoine Doinel film), and thinking how cool it was that there was this series of non-action movies featuring the same character. It's the same with Before Sunrise/Sunset/Midnight.

The comic took a turn though and went another direction. I don't think I'll be picking up with Kyle. I'm not really interested in the kinds of stories he'd find himself in anymore.

The record they dance/make out to is Ghost in the Machine by the Police, probably track two - Every Little Thing She Does is Magic.


Kelly said…
Loving the look of this!
Kyle said…
Is this character based on me? Do you still have the scar from the baseball bat. Just watching the kids hitting tennis balls in the yard with metal bats and thought of you and googled you. I think your mom thought I did it on purpose. Well, I'm going to read some more of your stuff now! Kyle
Jesse Lonergan said…
Kyle! I wouldn't say the character is based on you, but I definitely took the name. And yeah, I still have the scar although it's pretty faded these days. You wouldn't notice it unless you knew to look for it. I don't think my mom blamed you. It was just one of those things.
Kyle said…
Yeah, I was probably being paranoid.How is your Mom? She was always wicked nice and told us stories about Saudi Arabia. I just got the all star book and the flower and fade book in the mail, so I'm looking forward to checking them out! I'll get back to you with my review!

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