Drown 2

Here are some sketchbook pages with my beginning ideas for Drown.

I plan on sticking with my dense 5x7, 35 panel grid, but I want to add a few twists to it. The first idea I've had is to pop the panels out of the grid, almost like they are moveable pieces in puzzle.

I think this could be used effectively to show the world falling apart. Within this story there will be an oppressive boss who has absolute control. The strict panels will represent this absolute control, but when the control begins to slip, as other characters' rebellion becomes more open, the panels will begin to break apart, to tumble, to scatter. Eventually, there would come a point where the grid no longer exists. It has been destroyed as has ultimate power within the world.

I'm not sure of the feasibility of this. It could end up merely being confusing. It also could end up driving me crazy with the amount of measuring and laying out I will have to do to panel a page.