Panel to Panel

I used to take notes and write out stories, but that just doesn't work for me anymore. Now, almost all writing is done in comic form, panel to panel in ink. The ideas just seem to flow more smoothly. I think the drawing actually allows me more time to think about what is going to happen. It takes so much longer to draw than to write, and so various options and sequences of what's to come will play through my brains while I am drawing. A process of editing, thinking, imagining, rejecting, reimagining and twisting takes place, which doesn't occur if I simply sit down and write. Writing feels like going a million miles an hour. It's too fast.

This is a little sequence that started running along the bottom of my sketchbook.

A note on sketchbooks:

I always have multiple sketchbooks going at a time. This one, a regular red Moleskine with the thin pages, is solely for Drown.