Pin Ups, Fan Art, Comics, Screams, and Whispers.

The table across from me at Boston Comic Con.

Boston Comic Con was a few weeks back. I was struck by the lack of comics and the dominance of fan art. Big images easily comprehended from a distance. Compared to my little books with little drawings that a person must approach and pick up in order to understand and form an opinion of. Little comics so easily lost in the sea of bright and lurid Wonder Women and Harley Quinns.

It doesn't make me want to draw Wonder Woman, but it does make me think about the bold single image and how that is a branch of my art I neglect. I zoom in oblivious to the people who are zoomed out.

I came home thinking I need to zoom out a little bit. I need to work on that single bold image.

A little OMAC Jack Kirby tribute. 


Tony McMillen said…
Love the singular image stuff.