Sweet Style

I worry about style. Specifically, I worry about having an inconsistent style. Sometimes my drawings look pretty mainstream. Sometimes they're pretty indie. I worry that it makes it hard for the reader or potential fan. They see some tricked out superhero in a spacesuit on Instagram and then get some comic about a person having to share their coffee with someone they find repugnant. 

A baseball pitcher mixes up his pitches and tries to keep the batter guessing. The batter expects a fast ball and gets a curveball. It's good for a pitcher to do that, but I'm not sure that it makes my life easier as a creator. Batter and pitcher are opposed, but creator and reader/viewer shouldn't be, should they? They should be one the same page.

But I keep skipping pages and switching books.

But there are a lot of comics to be drawn, and they can't all be drawn in the same style.

These pages are from an untitled work in progress. I penciled the panel borders, but everything else was done straight to ink. There's something a little more human in those wobbly lines, and this is a human story. The colors are tentative.