Back to the Track

I've decided to pick back up on my race car comic Faster Miles an Hour. I think maybe five people will be excited about this, but Faster Miles an Hour is not really a book for other people. It's really for me, and what it is for me is a place for pure creation.  

With my other work, I lean towards to control. There's so much of an effort to get things right: get the drawing right, the facial expression, the sequence, the turn of the pages, get them all right. If it doesn't work, do it again.  There is a creative element in all this of course, but so much of it is editing, taking the creation and pounding it into shape and polishing it. These are important things to do, but I wouldn't really describe editing and redrawing as joyous.

Faster Miles an Hour is for my own joy. It's the child in me getting out all his matchbox cars and racing the afternoon away.


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