The Details

Planet Paradise is all scanned in, and I'm just about ready to start working on coloring it, but first I'm doing some tests to see what size I want the finished book to be. The original pages are 6" x 9", which is bigger than I want the finished book to be. At 50%, the text is still legible, but I think it's a little too small and too close to the size of This World Is Not for Burning. I haven't decided, but I think I'll go with 70%. 

Part of the reason that I'm paying so much attention to the size is because I want to use a zip-a-tone dot effect in the coloring. Zip-a-tone dots don't do well with adjustments in size, so I can just work big and adjust it later. I want to work at actual size with the dots. I'm also doing tests with the dots.