Hello and welcome.

My original intentions with this blog were pretty minimal. The only reason I created it was because I wasn't happy with the way some of my pages looked on Facebook. This blog was only for those eight pages.

But now I have a blog and I feel like I should do something with it.

I draw a lot. I have never had a problem sitting down at the drawing board and getting to work. Where I struggle is in actually doing things with my drawings after I have drawn them. Things have a tendency to sit around. It feels like most of the stuff I draw goes unseen by most people including my friends. Pages get piled up on my shelves and then get buried under coffee cups, books and whatever else I can't find a good place for.

This blog will be an attempt to change that.

Once a week I'll put up a new comic or drawing. Most of these will be little side projects that I do to take a break from working on the next big book. Some will be experiments, some will be redrawings of old comics that I think can be improved on, and some of them may just be the results of my playing around.

I hope you like what you see.