So you want to draw a guy kissing a girl.

There are all sorts of things to think about. There's perspective which helps to create the illusion that this kiss is taking place in a real place. There's anatomy which makes the characters look natural. There's line weight which can create a sense of depth, heavier lines pulling forward and lighter lines falling back. You can also think about how many panels to draw this kiss in. One? Or two? Or three? Do you stretch it out and show the couple looking at each other, capturing the anticipation? Or is it sudden and surprising?

All these things are important and you can spend a lot of time thinking about them.

But I think you have to forget all that and just draw.

All those things just turn into obstacles. Once you start thinking about them you'll find all sorts of other things to think about. What time of day is it? Where are they? What about the general composition of the panel? What do you focus on? What don't you focus on? Do you draw just their heads? Or their whole bodies? Or maybe just their torsos? What are their hands doing?

All of a sudden drawing has become a very complicated task.

Which it shouldn't be.

It's like thinking about kissing a girl before you kiss her.

How do you kiss a girl?

You can think about what you'll say and how you'll act. You can make sure your hair looks right and that you're wearing your favorite shirt. You can turn down the onion rings and go heavy on the tic-tacs. You can listen to your favorite song ten times before you leave the house.

But when it comes down to it...

How do you kiss a girl?

You kiss her.

And I don't think drawing is any different.