True Love Broken Heart

I hate the nervous feeling I get when I feel like I don't have any ideas for new projects or new comics. I'll start trying to force an idea out of my head. I'll start searching for ideas within every second of my life. I stubbed my toe, is that an idea? I drank a glass of water, is that an idea? I'm trying to think of an idea, is that an idea? Is that a concept? Is that something I can run with? An idea, an idea, I need an idea.

Which is all really silly, because for me ideas come out of the blue and there is no way of forcing them out. The best thing to do is just forget about it.

But I don't. I just run my mind in little circles trying to think of an idea.

Which is doubly silly because I have a notebook that I have been keeping for six years that is filled with all sorts of ideas I didn't have the time or inclination to turn into finished projects.


meegan said…
oh, jesse! how did you know that this is often exactly how i feel and that if i could draw that one dark corner in my broken heart that has to do with love songs and mix tapes and unrequitedness it would look just like this?