To make a little extra money I've been doing some substitute teaching. On Friday I substituted for eighth grade English. The students were in the middle of a careers unit. For the last week they had been taking interest and aptitude tests designed to help them figure out what they want to be when they grow up. On the day I was there the assignment was for them to begin work on a reflective essay that would discuss a career they are interested in and how an experience from their life has made them think that this would be a good career for them to pursue. One student wanted to be a veterinarian because of all the pets she'd had. Another wanted to be a chef because his father was a chef and he enjoyed helping in the kitchen. But my favorite was this boy who wanted to be a highway patrolmen because he was "good at high speed chases and arresting people."

Obviously, he has had a much more interesting life than I had had when I was in the eighth grade.