So, I'm back from California and points West. Which means getting back to work. And it's a new year, which means I have all sorts of goals (0r resolutions). Finish this Turkmenistan book by March. Keep in better touch with all my friends. Exercise regularly. Watch less TV. Eat better. Visit the dentist more regularly. Get good at finger picking a guitar. Finally buy a copy of the White Album, while at the same time going through the six hundred or so CDs I have and doing a little thinning (I have this idea of getting it down to my fifty favorite albums). I'd also like to clean up my bookshelf (to my fifty favorite books)...

And there are some others.

My goal for the blog is to be a little more consistent. Since I started doing this it's been a little random. Nothing really connects one post to the next. I'm going to try and have comics that are more related to each other in the future (starting now).

Though I might be as successful at that as I am at getting rid of those CDs (I know I never listen to that Senor Coconut album)(but it's so wonderfully strange)(how can I get rid of it?)(but really I never listen to it).


topaz said…
love your clouds
Avani Agarwal said…
i am a big fan of this one :)