Off The Hook

My next graphic novel is coming out in September. It's about Turkmenistan where I was a Peace Corps volunteer and it's called Joe and Azat and it's great. It's being published by NBM and every week (on Monday) I'm doing posts on their blog. The idea is that I will talk about some of the behind the scenes stuff that went into creating the book. Check it out and if you have any questions about the process (or if you've heard me talk about Turkmenistan and you remember some really awesome and funny story that will improve my sales) let me know. I'm making this stuff up as I go, so any feedback would be great.


John said…
Jesse-I have had a newsletter, website and now an expanded site: since 1987.

I'd like to do an interview with you. Are you up for that?
John Coyne
Jesse Lonergan said…
Hey, John.

I've tried to email you through your site a few times, but haven't gotten any response. Maybe I'll be able to get through this way. I'd definitely be up for an interview. Let me know.