So there are a couple of new reviews of Joe and Azat. Both of them make me feel great.

Also this weekend I was in New York for an art show where some of the original pages from Joe and Azat are on display. The opening was Saturday but you can check them out Wednesday through Saturday 12-5 or by appointment. They're at the Medialia ... Rack and Hamper Gallery, 338 W. 38th Street, Fourth Floor, New York, NY 10018.

The show was organized by my friend Tara who is awesome and the biggest fan of comics I know. Every time I see her I get inspired to draw more.

Also at the show is work by Jacob Chabot and Chris Giarrusso, both cool guys.

And, yes, I should have probably mentioned something about this before the opening, but... well... you know how it is.

And then there is this interview with Bill Watterson, one of the guys who got me drawing way way back.

And these are some of the most amazingly heartbreaking photos I have ever seen.


Avani Agarwal said…
the peace corps link is not pointing to your work.
Jason Green said…
Hey Jesse, glad you enjoyed my review! Also, we recently did a site redesign, and a couple links got shuffled around and it looks like yours was one of them. The updated link should be

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