Avengers Assemble! And Dance!

Man, there are a lot of Avengers. There was no way to get even close to getting them all in, and I have to admit that I'm not the biggest Avenger fan, so this grouping is kind of a random mix. There are some characters that I remember from some random issue I read years ago, but for some reason I remember as an Avenger. The Whizzer, for example. There are definitely some missing characters (like Quicksilver)(who probably should have gotten in there somewhere)(especially seeing as Mantis made it)(and he certainly should have beaten out the Whizzer). But I got all the big guys. Captain America, Iron-Man, the Hulk, Thor, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye.

Some people have asked me how I go about coloring the comics that I put on the blog. I'm not sure if I do it the most efficient or professional way, but this is it.

First, I start out with the basic line drawing which I generally do on bristol with brushes and nib pens. On the computer I work with it in Photoshop.
I get the feeling that most people use many more layers than I do, maybe using one layer for each color. If I were doing more complicated stuff I might see how that was necessary, but for the kind of bright flat tone coloring that I do, I don't worry about it. Unless I have a ton of colors in a really close range (like five shades of blue) or a drawing with a lot of details I only use two or three layers (one for lines, one or two for colors). This drawing is a little complicated so for this I used one layer per row because it can be hard to keep track of what is what (for a total of seven layers, one for lines and the rest for colors). Captain America gets his own row, then the Scarlet Witch and Iron-Man, then Vision, Thor and Tigra and so on.
When possible I use the magic wand tool to select areas to be colored, but that only works for enclosed spaces and I have a habit of not closing things off when I'm drawing. If I can't use the magic wand, I use the polygon lasso tool (which can take forever). While I'm selecting areas I don't worry about the tone of the colors. I'm more concerned about getting the areas defined. So when I first colored Captain America the blue was a bright garish blue and the red was blinding. Once I had colored the whole drawing I went back and started adjusting colors.


VsTheBadGuys said…
SO awesome! i love the finished piece, and the process breakdown. prints?! i recently watched an episode of samurai jack where he was getting down at a rave.. made me think of you!