Oh, my poor blog. There was a time when I paid so consistent and on top of things. I had three posts a week, week after week. And now the river has turned into a stream, a mere trickle.

A week and a half ago was APE in San Francisco, which was awesome, though a little hectic. I headed to the airport straight after work on Friday (with a small rest in a bar along the way), got in to San Francisco around ten thirty. Went out, stayed out and then had jetlag wake me up too early in the morning and off to the convention all day Saturday and Sunday and then on the plane back Sunday night. A blitz.

It's a big show. Bigger than MoCCA, bigger than SPX, AND best of all they serve drinks! A few bloody mary's is just the thing to get you ready to talk to all the people. Unfortunately, the table that I was at (along with Dan Mazur) was way at the back of this big show and by the time people had gotten there they had already seen about a million comics. There was a glazed look in the eye. The jaws were just a little slack. So of these people may have been like that all the time, but for most I think it was a result of total comics overload.

The best seller was my dancing Spider-Man mini, which is good, but also bad. The good is that it sold and it also brought people over to the table to check out my stuff. The frustrating part is that I just whip off dancing Spider-Men without even thinking. There's no plot. There's no page layout. There isn't even really a premise. Just Kingpin doing the running man. And it sells itself. Meanwhile, books that I really worked on, books that I actually wrote, with characters that I created, books that mean something to me... they get ignored. So there is a little bit of love/hate with the dancing Spider-Men. But, it did bring people over to the table.


Next year:

Dancing Star Wars. Possible title: Dancing with the Star Wars?


Patrick said…
Who'da thought Luke got up like that?