One Week to APE!

Here's another comic from awhile back that I was never really satisfied with color-wise. The first version was a sort of hideous blue and orange mess. It never really seemed to do the idea justice. I like this version much better. There's one layer of normal color which is at 80 percent opacity. Underneath that layer is a layer of solid yellow color, which just shows through the first layer. It unifies the whole page and also gives a warm glow to all the colors, even the blues.

Now all I have to do is get some prints made and than I'll be ready for APE, which is next weekend. I can't wait. I love California.

This week was also a good week for the new book. I got four more pages done. I'm almost done chapter three. I originally said that was hoping to have a solid rough draft of the book done by Christmas. That's definitely not going to happen at the current pace. It's not an easy task. With the other graphic novels I wasn't working a full-time job, so I could spend all day grinding away. Now... it's just a few hours a day and all I can really do is chip away a little bit at a time. It's harder to get a sense of pacing. It's also harder to have much of a view of the book as a whole. It's hard to know if I'm putting too much emphasis on something that's of little import or if I'm glossing over something vital.

But, I chip away a little every day, and then I'll clean up the mistakes in editing.