Gun Guitar

Oh, man, does today feel like Friday. I am totally out of gas and just coasting through the rest of this day. I've been fighting off a cough all week and I can't wait to just have some nice empty time on my hands.

And what about the new book? Oh, that book that I said I was going to try and get done by Christmas? Christmas?? Oh, no. That's never going to happen. Maybe St. Patrick's Day. More likely the Fourth of July. The book progresses, but at a snail's pace. I just can't seem to get that chunk of time I need to focus and do coherent work. I chip away a little bit a day, but it's just so hard to keep the momentum going. I'll have that bright shining burst of inspiration, but lack the time to get it down on paper and so it just fades and a week later I can no longer see what was so bright and shining about it in the first place.

Ah, so it goes.

This weekend. This weekend I'll get tons of work done on it. I'll say no to all my friends who ask me out for drinks. I won't answer the phone even if that pretty girl calls. No text messages. No email. No nothing. Just me, paper and ink.