How DOES Time Work?

Snow Day! The national guard called in! 100,000 without electricity or heat! People stranded! Amtrak suspends service (Bah! More like they just have an excuse this time!)! Cars off the road? Snow sneaking its way inside boots! And more importantly I got a message this morning saying that I didn't have work!

And I really think snow days are better as an adult.

And, of course, with all this snow, people have an excellent excuse for being late. And one thing I have learned is that if someone is late, the only thing you can really do is bite your tongue. No words can be said. Somehow, even though I am the one on the right side of the clock, if I mention anything about it I become the evil ogre. I guess there is just something authoritarian about telling people they're late. That's what a boss does. No one wants someone who is not their boss acting like their boss. Most people don't even like it when their boss acts like their boss. And I don't want to be anyone's boss, but still... is timeliness so hard?

And whatever you do if you are on time and some keeps you waiting, do not tell them that they don't know how time works! No one seems to take this comment well for some reason.