Narcissism and Pau Gasol

My friend Ben is the funniest person I know. He is hilarious. He's got a mind that runs at about a million miles a minute. The jokes just pile up. It's like the car crash at the end of The Blues Brothers, the jokes just keep coming. You haven't finished laughing at the first one when in comes a second and a third. Of course, when I say this to someone who hasn't met Ben, they always ask for an example, and it's just impossible. It's all the timing and the context and I often can't remember what exactly it was that he said. Even when I do remember, when I say it, it just doesn't come out right. I can never do him justice.

Which is kind of like the first comic.

And Pau Gasol's resemblance to a llama might get more laughs in Boston than elsewhere.

Below are a few pages I drew for Vengeance yesterday. This wasn't a terribly productive week on the big book front. I only worked on it Tuesday and Thursday. I would like to reiterate to all my friends that if you see me, you should feel free to ask how the book is going and chastise me if I give a lame answer. I may not respond to this chastisement with excitement, after all, it is chastisement, but I need it.

And this week I gave my midterm grammar exam and forgot to bring a book to read while the students fought with adjective clauses and noun clauses. So I drew this...