Work on Vengeance has been progressing slowly but consistently. I've backed off my goal of just cranking it out, and I am now just hoping to maintain a steady flow of production. It would be nice if I could be the kind of person who produces massive amounts of work in no time at all. There are those people out there who seem to get stuff done in their sleep. I'm just not one of them. I'm definitely in the turtle league.

Below is a sequence of pages from my sketchbook. I've settled into the writing process that I used with Joe and Azat. I write an outline, but nothing resembling a script. I have my plot point in mind when I sit down (in this case: man comes to door looking for Chastity Brandt) and that's about it. The dialogue is made up while drawing. In some cases, even character traits are made up (there was no plan for the father to be crippled). I find that if I write a script out, I tend to get lost in the words. Dialogues grow long. Soliloquies begin to sound like good ideas. What I write doesn't end up working when it comes time to draw.

I break up the page into a six panel grid and just go. This is just a rough draft and I don't worry about detail or which panels should be big or which panels should be small or if their should be candles or oil lamps on the table. I'll figure that out later.

The background for this section is that Chastity Brandt is hiding in Clinton Moore's (the guy who answers the door) barn. The guy knocking is looking for her.


ROHO said…
Nice color teases, the second one makes a great wallpaper.