Catching Eyes

I've done a fair amount of comic conventions now, and I am slowly (SLOWLY) learning how they work. Slowly I'm learning things that I'm sure are obvious to others. For example, having a giant bright colored image that attracts the eye of people walking by really makes it easier to sell stuff. It works much much much better than telling people how good the reviews were for your book about Turkmenistan.

Anyway, here a few brightly colored dancing storm troopers that will be printed big and bold to catch the eyes at the next con.

If you feel like dancing, I recommend Tighten Up by Archie Bell and the Drells.


S and P said…
We are a non-profit rallying to support our friend who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. We have decided to call our team "Stacie's Stormtroopers" and have absolutely fell in love with your pink group of dancing stormtroopers. We were wondering how difficult it would be to to get permission to possibly use your image on a banner we plan on using in a group support photo to brighten the spirits of our friend. We would in greatness attribute all credit to you the artist in every way possible. We understand if this is not possible but thought we might try asking! Any further permissions to use your image would also be appreciated. (it was worth a try to ask!) ;) thanks, angie
S and P said…
Please know this promotion would be very private, we are a medical group located in Columbia, SC.
Thanks again.
Anonymous said…