There are things that I'm a sucker for. There are certain things that I will just like no matter what their quality. An example would be movies that feature sad robots. It could be the worst movie ever, but I'll still enjoy it because it has a sad robot in it. Such cinematic triumphs as A.I. and Bicentennial Man fall into this category. I cannot defend either of these films in any way. Yet, because they featured sad robots, I enjoyed them. Another example: punk covers of pop songs. Works every time. Or even better MOOG covers of pop songs.

But another example which is a little more specific is this type of song, and I'm not sure if this type of song has a name, but basically, it starts out really simply, with just a voice and perhaps a guitar or piano. After the first verse a steady but simple drum beat comes in. After the second, a bass lines appears and that drum beat gets a little more funky. The song builds and builds until it's this huge swelling party by the end. Sisterwoman by the Gentle Waves and Me and Paul by Willie Nelson are two of my favorites of this type of song.

Anyway, this comic sort of follows along those lines. Only with prepositions, which are rather fun (unless English isn't your first language, in which case they are nearly impossible). And there are some good prepositions out there that don't get used nearly enough. I think I should definitely try and slip "abaft" into more of my conversations. Of course, in order to do this I will probably have to spend more time on boats than I have of late. Perhaps "betwixt" is a better choice.