Merry New Year!

Oh, man! It's three weeks of dailies cause I flew the coop and didn't get around to scanning these! If you make it to the end of these twenty-one pages, you should feel extremely proud and pat yourself on the back and give yourself some sort of reward, perhaps some ice cream.

And it's a new year! Which means looking back on the year that went and looking ahead to the year that's comes.

Looking back: I made some awesome new friends and was pretty good about keeping up with the old ones. I drank too many beers and not enough gin and tonics. I failed on almost all of my 2011 resolutions. I exercised pretty regularly. I got name checked in America's Best Comics 2011. I watched the Red Sox crumble in a truly amazing manner. I finished the rough draft of my next book. I didn't floss regularly. Some movies made me cry. I argued a lot. I kissed some people. Some people kissed me back. I probably didn't tell the people I love that I love them often enough, but hopefully they know.

It was good.

Looking forward: I got some plans. I'm going to get that next book done. I mean it. Also, I'm going to draw a dancer a day Monday through Friday. You'll be able to see those on my tumblr. I just put the first one up today. It's Superman. I'm going to run outside in every month of the year. This unseasonably warm weather has allowed me to start January off well. February will be the challenge. I will try and convert Facebook friends into real friends.  I'm going to get good at baking bread. I said this last year and didn't bake a single thing, but I started this year off right with an attempt at bread baking yesterday. Unfortunately, it didn't come out so well. For some reason the dough wouldn't rise, and I just got fed up with waiting for something that clearly wasn't happening, threw the dough in the oven, and an hour later, had a nice hard salty bread like substance that would probably be put to best use by a stone mason. I'll get better. I'm sure. I'm going to drink less beer and more gin and tonics. I'll kiss some people. I'll make sure the people I love know that I love them.

It will be good.