Recently I've taken to drawing cars when I have a few spare minutes waiting. The little book I draw them in is almost full.


Jeff said…
That's awesome. I like how they are really believable without being heavily reference-based. Too many artists draw cars as very generic looking.

I read your book, All Star, last night. I love it. There is a lot of very believable emotion. The characters are all so realistic and well-rounded. The art is expressive but also subtle.

One more thing, the way you portray the swing of the bat along with the strike and arc of the hits, the way you trace the line of the pitch, was all extremely well done.

The scene where they're playing the ballgame--all of the characters actually looked like they were playing a baseball game. I was talking just a few weeks ago about how badly sports are usually portrayed in comics. This is the best one I've seen since Wilfred Santiago's '21'.

Beautiful work, man. I'd say you have a bright future ahead.
Jesse Lonergan said…
Thanks, Jeff. So many nice things ringing in my ears. I'm glad you enjoyed the book!