The Ever Ever Ever Expanding List of Things to Do!

Fitting all the things that I want to do into the limited amount of time that I have can just seem so impossible. There is this desire to do everything at once. I want to do this western comic, the Formula 1 comic, and this rock and roll comic. I want to improve my coloring skills. I want to go back and fix up some of my old comics from way way back back in the day. I want to go kayaking today. I should get some exercise. Haven't called my mom in a bit. It's summer and I really should get my pale skin to the beach. I haven't seen so many people in so long...


Sometimes I think it'll help to make a list. Clarify my intentions. Prioritize. Then there is this list of a million things to do. It just gets longer and longer. And then it becomes this weight. It's too much! I can't do all that. All that is impossible.

Please, stop!

But anyway, you gotta get past all that. Take your time. Enjoy your day and try and do what you can.

So this week, I got some Formula 1 in, I got some rock and roll, and I did some research for my western.