My graphic novel All Star took me about two years to complete, which required a lot of focus and discipline from me. Too much I think, and when I was done, I told myself I wasn't going to do that kind of book again. It wasn't that I was dissatisfied with it, but I was frustrated by the burden that it became. I didn't want that to happen again. I wanted a healthy dose of fun in my comics.

And so there were race cars, gun fights, space ships, and rock and roll.

My mind went a million directions at once. You can pick up three of these comics at my etsy shop.

And there was this need, this feeling that I had to be cranking stuff out. I did eight conventions the year All Star was released, and I felt I had to have something new for each convention. It was good for a little while, but ended up being a little too much. There was a lot of fun, but it needed a little bit of discipline to balance it out.

Sometime last year, I settled on the idea of just one book a year. Nothing as rigid or demanding as All Star, but a little more finished than the race cars and westerns.

Hedra came out this year, and it's the book that I'll be taking to conventions and selling. I'm not worried about having anything else.

If you can't make it to one of the conventions I'll be at (MeCAF, Boston Comic Con, SPX, MICE, and possibly RIPE), you can also pick it up at my etsy shop.

Next year, my plan is to have a collection of surreal short stories put together from my collection of little Moleskines. I carry one around with me wherever I go and work on little stories whenever I find myself with some free time. I have no plan or intention for the stories. I try to do my best to leave them alone and let them find their own shape (which isn't always easy). The best will go into the collection, which I'm calling Peppercorns in my mind, but that is subject to change.

I've posted some of the shorter stories from these little sketchbooks here and here.

For 2018, I plan to have a stylistic follow-up to Hedra. It will utilize the same grid structure and will also probably be wordless. It takes place in a drowned world and is in the very earliest stages of existence.

My intention is to do a weekly post about the progress of this book, which is tentatively titled Drown. As with Hedra, it will be very visually driven, and so there will be no real "writing" process, but there will be a lot (a lot) of thumbnails. There will also be a lot of finished pages that will probably get thrown away (you can check out the Hedra kept to thrown out ratio here).

Those are my intentions.