Reader Copies

When I first got published, I thought there would be some sort of editing process, but I really didn't get much from the publisher. I imagined that they would go over every panel and every word, but the feedback that I got back was and has always been very broad. I would get a comment along the lines of, "a bit too stream of conscious," and then have to work with that.

I remember being surprised to hear that Jessica Abel had also experienced the same thing. It might just be that indie comic/graphic novel publishing companies are only few people wearing thirty-seven hats, so when it comes to focused, specific feedback, there just isn't time. Or it might just be that comic-making is this long laborious task that making changes on a finished work is too problematic.

My first book came out with almost no review. I was living in the boonies in Vermont with no peers to provide feedback, and I really think the only other person who had read it before it was published it was the publisher.  I can't imagine letting a book go out like that now with so few eyes having looked at it.

Now, I try to have as many people as possible look at something before it goes to press, whether it's self-published or other-published. I'm in the process of putting together reader copies for This World Is Not For Burning (I stole the title from The Avengers Vol.1 #85)(the stories are not related in the least)(but it just sounded right). I'm hoping to have it finished and printed by April, but I am a little behind schedule at the moment.

This week's...

Ringworld by Larry Niven
Death Day: Part One by Samuel Hiti
Saga: Volume 1 by Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples
Chobits: Volume 1 by Clamp