Boston Comic Con 2017

I did a few hours at the MICE table at Boston Comic Con this year. I can remember when Boston Comic Con was in a weird basement in some hotel downtown. There were all these different rooms. Then in moved to Hynes, which was great because of the bars across the street. I slipped out for stouts and whiskeys.

Comics have gotten big, or at least things associated with comics. I saw a guy look into a booth and say, "This is just comics. Nothing for us here. Nothing for us here," and then move himself and his kid along. There are still so many people out there who have never read a comic and won't even deign to look at one, but I have this hope that all these superhero movies and TV shows will make people more open to at least looking at comics, but then I hear things like that at a comic con, and I'm not so sure.

But I still had a good time this year thanks to Jordan Stillman and Zach Clemente at the MICE table. Two great folks. I also got to see some local comic book people who I just don't seen often enough, Clay McCormack and Patt Kelley specifically. And of course there were the fans who are the total opposite of the nothing-for-us-here man and stopped by and chatted and picked up some comics.

A Tale of Sand by Ramon Perez, based on a screenplay by Jim Henson and Jerry Juhl, published by Archaia, and such a wonderful book to hold in your hands

Iron Fist (It's rough.)

Fuzz by Computer Magic