Planet Paradise, page 77 again. I know that yesterday I said I would just leave page 77 until the end, and if I was still unhappy with it, I would redraw it then, but when I woke up this morning and looked at it I just hated it. Then, as the day went on it just gnawed at me. When I got home from work, I knew I had to redraw it.

Part of the problem with the abandoned page 77 (below on the right) was that it was just uninspired in terms of layout. A character just set dead center in the middle of the page is not the way to go. Also, there's just something not quite right about his size within the page. This is compounded when seen next to the last panel of page 76 (below on the left). These will be facing pages, and there is just something about the scale that the character is drawn in the two panels. It's not exactly the same, but it's close. Too close. It should either be the same or totally different. All things worked out in the redraw today, which I think is much more interesting to look at and will read better.