M.I.C.E. and a return to comics

M.I.C.E. was on Saturday and it was awesome. It was one of the most fun conventions I've been to. The crowd was great, the panels were fun and sales were good. Thanks to Dan, Jaime, Shelli, Brayden, David and everybody else who put the show together. I can't wait for next year.

And I definitely feel ready for APE out in San Francisco in three weeks (got my tickets - in Friday, October 15th - out on the red-eye on Sunday, October 17th). Definitely need to find a better way of displaying stuff and definitely definitely definitely need to make some more copies of Spiderday Night Fever, the mini I made collecting all the dancing Spider-Men and Spider-Man villains.

And... now comics.

And in terms of the next book, Vengeance, well, it's been hard to get into a rhythm. I finished up three pages last week, but I looked at them in the harsh light of Sunday morning and decided they all needed to be redone. Work is steady, but progress is slow. Getting done by Christmas doesn't seem likely, but maybe, maybe, maybe I'll hit a groove and start slinging out pages.