Vengeance: Chapter One

So I've got the first week of the new book down. Five pages finished and a rough draft of the cover. It's definitely a change of direction for me, so any feedback would be welcome. It's much more violent than anything I have done recently (though there is some work from the college years that was pretty rough).

I must say that so far it feels pretty good. I'm having fun while drawing and it feels like I've got a pretty steady but pretty loose hold on what I'm doing. I know exactly where I am going but how I am going to get there is still a mystery, and that's where all the fun is.

More next week.


ROHO said…
Great first chapter, your style keeps getting better.
Dave M! said…
Hope you'll finish this. Looks great so far, probably in the "Too Good for Inbound" category.

David Marshall, Art Guy
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