Adjective Clauses, Boyfriends and Birthdays

It's my birthday, and I know what your thinking. "Oh, damn! It's Jesse's birthday and I don't have a super sweet gift to give him! He always gets me the best gifts and never forgets my birthday! Oh, why am I such a horrible friend?? I wish I could do more than just send him birthday wishes on Facebook!"

Well, have no fear. Belated birthday gifts are always welcome. I like ties (preferably Brooks Brothers) and colorful sneakers (size 12)(preferably not hi-tops, unless they're wicked sweet hi-tops).

Send them along to:

Jesse Lonergan
68 Winsor Ave.
Watertown, MA 02472

And if you want to give me your birthday wishes in person I recommend you go to T.T. the Bear's tonight and see MEN. I'll be there.