Devil Tambourine!

Picking up from last week, where the tambourine went crazy and killed people.

And that's it for the maracas and tambourinerism! And that's also it for the Moleskine as well! I started drawing in it on July 26th, and except for a few missed days during SPX, I've drawn something in it every day since then. And now I get to buy a new one!

And look at these eyes!

And look at these icons! Which reminds of this comic that my friend Ben and I started way way back back in the day (1999!) and rather regularly tell each other we're going to finish. Of course, we were a little ahead of the iconographism trend then, and now we're a little behind.


Joel C. GIll said…
I have been drawing daily comics now because of these, only mine are not as good.
Jesse Lonergan said…
Man, I'm sure they're better than you say! You should post them!